Sep 29, 2012

Marketing starts with engineering

  Whether we like it or not, one out of seven minutes online is spent on social networking, and Facebook captures most of that time. This comes with monetization challenges because of the decline of share of minutes online for web browsing and apps become a preferred mechanism for the mobile web.

  While the top 4 leaders: Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn figure out monetization via online advertising (a macro economic mirage), the power of those players in the cloud computing space is clear, as they become de-facto user authentication mechanisms, online wallets, personal and business address books and digital memories data vaults, among other things.

  Startups cannot afford to waste too much cash on fancy marketing campaigns that win awards and result in zero incremental profit or market share. Actually most startups do not even hire a marketer until the product is getting some traction and revenue starts to flow. For consumer internet, digital media and consumer tech, marketing happens through engineering. If one is launching a new product or service (hopefully NOT monetized through advertising), it is crucial to understand how to embed into the user experience some natural leverage and intuitive connection points with these four players. Mastering this social integration at the end user experience layer is as critical for marketers as it is to master search engine optimization to maximize their online marketing spending.

Infographic by Go-Gulf

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James Burke said...

I have to agree. Nowadays, it's very essential to think of online marketing strategies because like pointed out here, most users spend a large percentage of their time in social media. So what better way to attract consumers is through internet marketing.